Cancer-Bio-Santé competitiveness cluster

The Cancer-Bio-Santé cluster (, which is located in the regions of Midi-Pyrénées and Limousin, is a multidisciplinary biocluster dedidated to cancer management, from prevention to follow-up and home care services, going through diagnosis and therapy.

Its main purposes consist in contributing to the development of products and technologies that improve patients care and advance the fight against cancer, and also in supporting innovation and value creation (e.g. by developing a local bioeconomy, in Midi-Pyrénées and Limousin, around health and biotechnology).

Its strategic areas of activities include prevention of diet-related diseases, pharmacological targets and diagnostic or prognostic markers, home support and e-health, as well as industrial biotechnology, biomedical tools and Nano-Bio-Info-Convergence (using nanobioinfotechnologies for health is consistent with the interdisciplinary nature of the cluster).

As a competitiveness cluster, Cancer-Bio-Santé aims at promoting closer ties between research organisations (Inserm, CNRS, INRA, PA3S...), startups or SMEs (Lallemand, B Cell Design, Oncomedics...) and large groups (Pierre Fabre, Sanofi-Aventis, GSK, Hemodia...).

Moreover, the cluster has established partnerships with other major bioclusters, such as Beijing Pharma and Biotech Center (China), Kansai Bio Promotion Council (Japan), the Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center (USA), the Quebec Biotechnology Valuation Center (Canada) or the Southern Europe Biocluster.